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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Chinese culture summer courses for overseas Chinese or non-Chinese students

To students of Chinese language as a heritage:

You may have completed your Chinese study at a weekend school, or you may have taken your IB or AP Chinese exams, or you may have gone on to college….  If you have studied Chinese in any capacity, the chances are you have never taken a course about the culture of the language you have spent years learning.  

Why did you learn Chinese language?  The purpose is for you to be able to understand and to appreciate the culture of the people whose language you have been acquiring.  For most of you, learning Chinese language was not your own decision and your parents “forced” you to attend classes for years.  I know from my personal experience that many of you who are in college or about to enter college are realizing the importance of not only mastering the Chinese language but also understanding its cultural root.  

DW C-Learning offers courses of Chinese culture to high school senior or college students who are seeking a place and chance to really learn Chinese culture before entering or returning to college, to catch up with what has been missed, so to speak.  Our courses are based on the culture components of the most popular Chinese curriculum for Chinese students outside China--《马立平中文》.  

Two summer courses have been designed for you, where you can study a one-year textbook in 4 weeks in our accelerated courses.  Using the Cloud Technology,  classes can be taken by students from near and far in north America as well as around the globe.  Classes are offered either in an in-person classroom (for Maryland residents) or distant interactive classroom (for any student).  Local students may take class either in person or in distance thus they do not need to drive or be driven and you can study at home.  Read about our unique concept of education and our mission.

Course: DWC011 暑期《中华文化之窗》 (面授互动/远程互动)
Dates: 7/6-7/31 (8:00-9:30pm EST), 8/3-8/28 (2:00-3:30pm EST) , Monday-Friday
Description: This course is an introduction to Chinese culture by focusing on three aspects of the cultural knowledge: simple Chinese ancient writing selected from the Confucius Collection and writings about growing up, Chinese ancient poetry and literature, and most well-known Chinese heros in Chinese history.  The textbook contains well designed texts with abundant graphics and images.  Every lesson contains a Chinese-English vocabulary to assist the reading.  The teacher will use audio and video supporting materials to help students understand the content and make the lessons very stimulating and interesting.  There is no testing, limited homework assignments.  The textbook is free (for summer only).  This is a pre-culture course for the next higher level course.  Chinese is the primary instructional language. View the content of the textbook here.

Course: DWC009 暑期《中华文化巡礼》(面授互动/远程互动)
Date: 7/6-7/31 (1:00-2:30pm EST), 8/2-8/28 (8:00-9:30pm EST), Monday-Friday
Description: This course is the comprehensive introduction of Chinese culture through carefully designed topics: Chinese Earliest Worldview, Chinese Traditions and Holidays, Chinese Philosophers, Chinese Medicine, Chinese Visual and Performing Arts, Chinese Architecture, Chinese History (Tang Dynasty), China in the 1900s, and Overseas Chinese.  The textbook was designed for high school students yet the culture content is also appropriate for college or adult students.  The instructor has rich experience in teaching this course.  The course not only imparts the cultural information, it also provides opportunities for students to demonstrate their own speaking, teaching, and leadership ability.  Chinese is the primary instructional language. Read the teaching reflection by the instructor here Part 1 Part 2.

We assure you that you will find both courses extremely insightful, stimulating, and helpful for you to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Chinese culture, and for you to better understand your family heritage and your identity.  All of our students utterly enjoyed these courses, and our in-person and online interactive courses make it a memorable learning experience.  

DW C-Learning also offers courses of Chinese culture to non-heritage students who learn Chinese as a foreign/second language.  English is the primary instructional language.

To register for the courses, just click here. To access information from within China, email info@dwclearning.com. Call 240-778-6757 for voice consultation.

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